Sunday 1 April 2012

Ross Parisi | A selection of Testimonies

Dear Ross,

You're one of those people who have the sincerity, tenacity and vision that leaders are made of. You are inclusive and your resolve on issues that impact on the lives of many is a rarity.

We need Councilors who have experience, fortitude and prudent economic competence - you my friend have all of the above. For what its worth Ross, your time has come around again....there are a lot of clever people around who lack experience.... If I was in Division 9 you most certainly have my vote!! God bless and talk soon.

Rowena Bullio

Ross congratulations putting your hand up to serve the community. We need some one with integrity experience to stand up to Margret Cochrane.  It would appear that the LNP are standing 2 teams wanting Cochrane team to win with preferences from the other team.

Fred Inglis

Wahoo on you Ross...You are a wonderful person who has the knowledge and experience to this job. Division 9 is very lucky to have you and I know you will be a major asset to the Cairns Regional Council. Go show them how it is suppose to be done...We need more people like you in there :-

Rina Bernabei-Dolan

The very best of luck Ross. You were certainly there when I needed your assistance when living at Holloways Beach. With your help we halted an unnecessary expense for ratepayers. Go Ross. Go Ross. Go Ross!!!!!

Judy Nelson

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