Friday 6 April 2012

'Parisi Plan' | Policy No 4

R. Parisi Div.9 CRC Policy No4  'Parisi Plan' 'Sporting and Community Infrastructure'


In 1976 the forward looking Mulgrave Shire Council ( MSC ) purchased for $135,000, 40 hectares of land at Trinity Beach for future community use. Within a year of purchase the MSC established the 'Trinity Beach Sporting Trust' ( Trust ) to administer the land. I remained a member of this Trust until the MSC was amalgamated with Cairns City Council in 1995.

Over the next10 years the Trust leased parts of the land to various sporting entities. Approx 10 acres of land adjoining the Cpt Cook Highway still remains undedicated. The usage of this parcel of land for 'Marlin Coast Youth Facilities.' is a central plant in the 'Parisi Plan'.


Proposed Policy Initative 2012. 'Core Policy Initative - Youth Facilities'

Policy No 4 'Sporting and Community Infrastructure' has at its core the usage of the above mentioned land for the sporting and community facilities.

My policy calls for the establishment of a 'Youth Task Force' to identify and establish long-term facilities for the youth of the Marlin Coast.

I proposed inviting the youth of the Marlin Coast under the joint leadership of Jack Andrew Wilkie-Jans and Sky Allen to investigate and identify issues that need to be addressed and where and how Cairns Regional Council could become involved.

If elected within the first 100 days I propose to call a meeting of interested people to establish a 'Youth Task Force'

' Parisi Plan' Policy No 4 ' Sporting and Community Infrastructure' is open for discussion.

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