Sunday 1 April 2012

'Direction Forward' 4 Division 9' Financial Accountability policy.


Am putting the finishing touches to my policy on 'Direction Forward' 4 Division 9 | Financial Accountability Policy | Divisional Equity

Scope and Background information. 
This policy will effect all the Divisions and will restore equity between the Divisions. It will also bring fairness between the Divisions and allow Divisions to spend the rate money in the Division where it is raised. The current Budgetary policy is to pool all rates charges and fees into a common fund and then spend the money wherever necessary on CRC assets without taken into consideration where the money is raised.

I believe this policy has numerous short comings and amounts to the cross subsidisation of Divisions leading to disharmony in Divisions where there is a disproportionate of funds been raised and spent.

The final policy position will allow a % ( to be yet determined ) of the rates to be deposited into consolidated revenue to meet administration costs and emergency expenditure'

I would like input from readers of my Blog on the advantages and disadvantages of this proposed financial reform.

Ross Parisi

Division 9
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