Tuesday 17 April 2012

'Parisi Plan' | Brochure No. 2

The ' Parisi Plan ' is the principle document that incorporates my 5 core pledges that I have with the residents of Division 9 and the greater Cairns region. 

I have no objection if other competitors make my policies their focus of attention as well. Unity in particulars has seen the merit in my visionary policies on Div. 9 and has endorsed the 'Parisi Plan' as Unity's policies reflect my core principles.

Below is the Brochure that launches the 'Parisi Plan'. The first slide is page 4 & 1. The second slide contains p 2 & 3.

You are welcome to add your views to the 'Parisi Plan'. Indeed I am not the font of all knowledge and look forward to your interaction.

Ross Parisi
JP ( C. Dec.)
Candidate for Div. 9


  1. Ross, I am impressed with the look of your flyer, could you tell me where you got it printed at as I would like to get some flyers done for my business.

  2. Thank you for your comment; it is appreciated. Print Broker Network 72 Woodward Street Edge Hill 4870. Cheers.

  3. Ross as one the most important issue in the upcoming Cairns local council election where do you actually stand on the CEP, are a supporter or are not.
    Most of the other candidates in division 9 are against the CEP and to me this is a decider on how to vote.
    Are you for or against?

    Derek, Kewarra Beach

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  5. Ross, I notice all your corflutes are LNP blue. I thought you were a Labor red man. Have you changed sides since the State election. Please say you are still ALP. We need a ALP person on the council.
    Tracy Brown Trinity Bch


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