Friday 20 April 2012

Cr Alan Blake did vote for the Precinct, even though he says he didn't

But wait, take a look at this.   Here's the Councillor's voting record on the Cairns Entertainment Precinct.

Alan Blake moved the original motion, with the support of Deputy Mayor Cochrane who is now loudly opposing it as well.  In 2010 Blake moved another motion with specific reference to the waterfront site being "ideal and does not impede future Port development."

In this week's CairnsSun newspaper, Cr Blake says "I strongly opposed this new theatre plan and have lobbied for a more affordable option on a site that won't stifle vital port activity."

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  1. The tragedy is, we won't get any new buildings for an Entertainment Precinct. Newman has recently announced that the only funding allowed for Cairns of the original State Government grant will be $40 million for "dredging the inlet". The rest is to be returned to Brisbane. The Federal Funding which was for a specific project and has timeliness factors will also have to be sent back. So where is the money coming from to fulfil the promise of both the Unity Team and Community Alliance that they will build a "smaller theatre"?? We have been well and truly shafted because of the posturing, the duplicity and the ugly self-serving political game playing of people like Alan Blake.

  2. We have been successfully shafted. Scammed, screwed, rooked and swindled by a group of covert sly weasels. Now hark! What is that sound?? Ohh it's the sound of whinging, whining, moaning, chest thumping and hand wringing coming from a few years down the track. What is being said? Ohhh. "Townsville gets everything, and we get nothing..we're the forgotten North." I guess that's coming next, as per usual.

  3. There has to be a clean out of all self serving individuals who are on Council for their own purposes and to feather their own nests. They do not love Cairns. They have been and are out to nurture their own interests. Sad but true. Townsville has a diversity of interest on its Council and yet scores goals. Why is that possible and yet in Cairns we can't. Why I ask?

    1. Quite easily explained Ross. Look at all the grandstanding, the lies, the backflips, the fence sitting, the skulduggery and sheer chicanery which has gone on with the Entertainment Precinct over the past THREE years. Now we are being left with NOTHING but the infernally ever constant whinging, moaning, whining and bellyaching.

  4. An explanation to that Ross can be found in the collaboration of Bob Manning and Bill Cummings in presenting a report to Campbell Newman on the so called benefits of dredging the Cairns inlet and the potential of Cairns as a "working port" to service the growing mining industry plus a port for the cruise liners. Also one of our local well known "businessman" is behind a "shipping investment opportunity" here in Cairns. The investment brochure says.."The investment will be for a minimum term of five years from close of the Offering Period - 31 December 2013...". So re-developing Cairns port back into a working port will be very profitable to SOME people. A further scam is that SOME PERSON owns some blocks of land in the city and want to put up a HOTEL next to a theatre. Funny thing is Warren Entsch wrote about that same thing in todays Cairns Post. (Saturday). Its all starting to fall into place isnt it? A few BOYS around town have been making big $$$ plans for themselves, and to HELL with the community.


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