Wednesday 25 April 2012

Caravonica Roundabout bottleneck.

Fact 1. The Captain Cook Highway is State funded.

Fact 2. Road infrastructure funding priorities are set in consultation with Cairns Regional Council. 

Fact 3. For too long the CRC has lost the plot when it comes to recognising the road infrastructure needs of the Marlin Coast.

Fact 4. Tanya Brooks - Cooper, your  CRC Div 8 candidate and myself, have joined forces to ensure that the right priorities will be set by the CRC and the State Government.


The bank up of traffic now extends beyond Dillon Rd...Unless sold off or cancelled by this or previous CRC there is an easement set aside in 1994 between the Yorkeys Knob roundabout and the University roundabout for the construction of the Smithfield by pass. 

The construction of this road would be a joint effort between CRC and the State. This is a priority in the 'Parisi Plan'.  This construction would help reduce the congestion at the two round abouts.
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