Thursday 26 April 2012

Police Report QP 1200399073.

Like in all things and in politics even more so, one must be true to their word. And so as 4.30 clicked by and I had not heard from Community Alliance, Roslyn Smith or their representatives, I filed a complaint with the Police Service. 

Police Report No is QP 1200399073. 

When asked by the Police Officer if I had any person of interest I gave them a name and a mobile number. 

This information has been forwarded to  Cairns Media outlets for their use. 

I hope that Cairns Community Alliance (CCA) does not see the light of day come Sunday morning. The aggression shown by their booth workers ( mostly candidates ) is off putting and verging on intimidation. Is it any wonder that the latest poll results that I have in my possession, indicates a low support base of 13.5 %. for Margaret Cochrane. The Councillor candidates are polling as low as 6 %. Based on these figures it is obvious that Unity has starved them of any political oxygen. 

As I said in an earlier posting Aussie voters do not support 'spoilers'.

Ross Parisi.
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  1. Big glossy brochure in my letterbox today Ross but no contact details. What's your email address?

  2. Good morning...
    email address is
    Mobile 0419645818
    Office 40 381005

    The letter insert that came with your 'big glossy brochure' has all my details.I have lived at the same address for 33 years.

    Cheers. Ross Parisi


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