Sunday 8 April 2012

My pledge To Division 9 Residents of Cairns Regional Council

1. Value for your rates
I will move that an external audit of Council operations to see where waste can be eliminated through inefficient operation and savings made. Examine the introduction of Divisional equity. Any future rates rise will be limited to CPI.

2. Restore honesty, transparency, accountability and inclusiveness
I will return personalised service to the community with good old fashioned representation. Involve the community in the decision making process. Re-establish think tank Cairns Forum.

3. Deliver better infrastructure and planning
I will ensure that our community has an adequate water supply to meet our future needs and roads that are consistent with our needs.

4. Safety and Security
I will improve street lightning to deter crime and vandalism of public and private assets. Unless asked for by residents there will be no road interconnecting Kewarra Beach and Trinity Beach.

5. Cairns Entertainment Precinct (CEP)
I will at the first meeting move for a legal, financial and location audit to determine if Council has got the best deal for the ratepayers and residents. If not too late reduce the capital outlay in these troubled financial times.

Ross Parisi
JP (C. Dec)
Candidate for Division 9

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