Sunday 22 April 2012

Div.9 | 2011/12, $30 million raised in rates NOT 1 cent spent of new infrastructure.

Under the ‘Parisi Plan’ My pledge to you states:-

Item 1     Value for your rates  

I will move for an external Audit of Council operations to see where waste can be eliminated through inefficient operation and savings made. Examine the introduction of Divisional Equity

Under the requirements of the Local Government (Finance, Plan and Reporting) Regulation2010 Council is required to adopt a budget for a 3 year period up to 2013/14. When CRC adopted the 2011/12 Budget it adopted the following figures:-

Rates and Utility Charges 2011/12      $234,000,000
Rates and Utility Charges 2012/13      $248,000,000   - 4.5% increase
Rates and Utility Charges 2013/14      $264,000,000   - 7% increase.

The operating deficit is estimated at $4 million

Division 9

Approx $ 30,000,000 in rates and charges was raised from ratepayers in rates and charges in 2011/12

Capital Works (new infrastructure) in 2011/12    -   Nil

Is it any wonder that the residents on Division 9 are livered in the operations of this Council. Division 9 is subsidising the rest of Cairns Regional Council to the tune of $22 million per year. Approx $8 million is used for maintenance of assets and the running of CRC such as wages of clerical staff.

Divisional Equity must be introduced within the Council budgeting structure otherwise Divisional 9 will continue to be the milking cow for other Divisions.

Ross Parisi.
Div. 9 Candidate  
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